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At Sinay Neves we strive to make your coffee purchase as easy as possible. This includes all of your shipping requirements. Whether it is a single pallet, or a couple of containers, we get the job done right.  We use a system of regional and national freight carriers to get you the best rate possible. Some of our freight and logistics providers are listed below.  Please feel free to shop directly for quotes, or
get a quote from us. 

All of our palletized coffees are shrink-wrapped and strapped — this means that less than one tenth of one percent of the coffees we ship arrived damaged. If the coffee arrives damaged, ripped, or with bags missing, please note this with the driver before you sign off on delivery and then contact us immediately. 

All of our containers are sealed at the port of Salvador—BA (Brazil).  You can choose to have an SGS (Societe Generalle de Surveillance) Certificate issued with your forward coffees, although this is not necessary.

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