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At Sinay Neves one of our guidelines has always been preservation of the environment that produces the great coffees we sell.  In our effort to protect the environment that surrounds our estates we have created a series of low impact farming techniques.  These include the following:

  1. Extensive use of irrigation lines for ferti-irrigation. This reduces, or in some cases, nullifies the use of tractors during the growing season. Any and all micro or macronutrients that the coffee trees may need are delivered using the irrigation lines already in place. This drastically reduces the use of tractor-delivered applications, which reduces air and noise pollution as well as creates a friendly environment for songbirds typical of the region.

  2. Organic byproducts (dried coffee shells) from our mills are used throughout the farms as organic fertilizer.  When our mills process a given lot of coffee, the shells are not discarded; rather they are collected and used as fertilizer mulch in the coffee rows, which over a given number of years greatly improves the quality of our soil in terms of richness and Ph balance. This in turn reduces rust on our coffee tree leafs.

  3. General health of the coffee trees. The single largest low-impact technique we use is also the most obvious—the trees are healthy. A healthy tree defends itself by creating a micro system that includes natural predators of coffee plagues. Honeybees are a perfect example of this. A well-flowered tree will attract honeybees, which act as a natural defense mechanism against coffee flies.

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