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About Sinay Neves » Farm History

The Sinay Neves family has been in the farming business since the late 1950’s.  Primarily cattle producers until the late 1970’s, it was not until 1982 that we planted our first coffee tree in what is today the Conquista Estate in the southern region of Vitória da Conquista, Bahia. In 1998 we planted our second coffee farm, the Diamantino Estate, in the central region of Bahia. Together, these two estates consistently produce over 20,000 bags of coffee per year, or roughly 2.6 million pounds of green coffee/year.

Of course location was the principle consideration when deciding where to plant coffee trees. Proper climate, soil, and available water for irrigation were the principle characteristics we looked. From the very beginning our estates have been planted for the suitable application of drip-irrigation systems, which were some of the first to be put into use in the coffee world. Such innovations as ferti-irrigation, photosynthesis readings, and soil analysis tests and eco-friendly mitigation techniques have always played a role in our management of these estates. Our careful selections have led us to being able to produce high quality coffees, for no matter what we do as modern farmers; nature will always play a larger role.

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